September 26th, 2014


Enjoy my first ever animated anything ever. This is fun shit, you will mos def see more of these.

Also in case you need the song to go with it: http://youtu.be/HMUDVMiITOU


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My surgery (comic and before + after)

I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you guys but I just feel so god damn good about myself finally I want everyone to know.

2005: age 17, diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma, cancer of the salivary glands and there was a large lump in the roof of my mouth which was removed, leaving a huge hole up to my sinuses. I had a prosthetic that goes up there so I can talk.
6 weeks of radiation and I’m declared “cured” on Christmas Eve ‘05

2008: age 19, my left jaw bone fractures and about a third of my jawbone is removed on the left side, leaving me look like the BEFORE picture

2013: age 25, They are able to graft a shoulder bone (my leg and ribs didn’t have enough blood flow) into my jaw. my arm that the graft was taken out of is still not working right, but my jaw opens vertically instead of diagonally, and y left face is still really swollen. I also have an AWESOME scar from my ear to the middle of my neck which should make for some great halloween stories.

I am so fucking happy with how this turned out. I feel so fucking good about myself now; I can go out in public and feel normal, where people only stare at my stitches in my neck, you know? I couldn’t thank my doctors, family, or boyfriend for the love and support I received the entire time I was in and out of the hospital. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Lots of love,


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