after too many years of constant spam (like 1000 spam comments a month and like 1 real comment) I pulled the feature down. HOWEVER, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless because I forget who it was sent me a great little captcha thinger so all you have to do is answer the question. They will be math based questions like ” __ + 2 = 4″ so really, a child could do it. If you wouldn’t mind, please feel free to test it out on THIS post. For the time being, I’m going to allow non-registered comments as well because of the captcha but if the spambots get back, I’m going to have to turn commenting off completely again :/

Thanks for dropping by!

EDIT:  ALSO, all comments with links in them will be considered as spam, so anything with .com/.net/.org etc WILL BE SENT TO SPAM. If you want to send me a link, drop a comment first saying so, explaining the link, and I will decide if it is or is not spam but preferably, please do not do this.

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