draw and post.
an account isn't required to post on some boards, but if you're signed in when submitting, you're able to delete your drawings later.
  • left click to draw
  • x to swap between current tool and previous tool
  • a/s to decrease/increase brush size
  • h to locally flip canvas horizontally
  • right click on mask to store the current color for masking
  • normal mask will draw anywhere except the masked color
  • remask will draw only on the remasked color
  • ctrl-z to undo
  • ctrl-y to redo
  • right click to quickly eyedropper pick a color
  • right click during a stroke to cancel it
  • backspace to wipe canvas
  • right click on most tool buttons to rebind the keyboard shortcut for that tool
the tones are similar to shi-painter, but if you're not familiar with oekaki or tones in general, you may find this tips + tricks made by mutsurf useful.
a safety save is stored if you have cookies and localstorage enabled, and you can restore (without undo history) if you accidentally leave the page
still to do: marquee, lasso, and wand selection; move; tone fill; gradient; stroke event player; netplay; smooth curve interpolation, some optimization maybe.
use the download button to save locally before submitting if you're concerned about drawings lost in transit.
if your post is removed you may dispute it by contacting staff
please be civil to others
Available Boards
Offline Solo Drawing
A tegaki applet with resizable canvas for drawing and saving (not actually a board)
Public Board
Anyone can use this board. Subject matter must not be explicit
Anything Goes
An account is required to use this board. There are no restrictions on subject matter